Line Dancing

Get on your dancing shoes!

Nashville is known for line dancing, but we don't judge if you need a little lesson. The Cocktail CowBoys are here to turn your two left feet into Boot Scootin' Boogie machines. Two Cocktail CowBoys, one of which is a professional dance instructor, will come to your rental house, a park, or any other space and teach you all the country favorites: Tush Push, Cotton Eyed Joe, Cowboy Cha Cha, and more. This instruction can last as long as you'd like, as there will be breaks to put your new skills into play, and for drinks of course.

While not on the dance floor, our CowBoys are at your beck and call — we'll serve you drinks and refreshments, take pictures (or pose with you), keep the party area tidy, and take out the trash when we leave. The Boys are there to serve, pamper, and entertain. Get our dancing shoes and we'll make your special day or night one hell of a time. This experience also comes with bandanas for the group!

We'll come to your AirBnB, VRBO, or rental house. An open space of at least 12' x 12' is recommended. Most medium sized living rooms work if we move the furniture out of the way. We can also have the instruction in a public space like a park or apartment community space. We are not able to offer our services inside another business, like a hotel. 



Perfect for bachelorettes, birthdays, and girls' weekends!