Game Night

Come on down!

Take a break from 6th Street or Broadway and get ready for the perfect night in with your gals… a Cocktail CowBoys Game Night! We bring tons of game ideas - bachelorette games, drinking games, icebreakers, music games, cowboy games, and more - that we will host at your rental house or private venue. We can also help facilitate any games that you have in mind. Think of us as game show hosts, but in a hunky, cowboy sort of way.

I'd like to buy a vowel, partner.

In addition, our CowBoys are at your beck and call — we'll serve you drinks and refreshments, take pictures (or pose with you), be Spotify DJs, keep the party area tidy, keep you company (or stay out of the way, that's up to you), and take out the trash when we leave. The Boys are there to serve, pamper, and entertain. Kick up your feet and we'll make your night stress-free.

Survey says... this will be the highlight of your weekend.


Austin - $225/hour

Nashville - $225/hour

Perfect for bachelorettes, birthdays, and girls' weekends!