Calling it quits with your previous spouse is not only liberating, but it’s a call for celebration! In this blog, we’ll show you how to throw a rocking divorce party!

Why You Need to Have a Divorce Party + Tips for Organizing One

Marriage can be wonderful, but in almost half the cases, it does not last until the end of our lives. And that’s okay! There are many reasons why marriages end. Be that the love has died down, there has been some toxicity in behavior, infidelity, or any of the vast scope of other reasons). Still, marriage is considered the most important relationship in your life, so it is difficult to break it up.

If you are one of those people who always want to look on the bright side (and take a load off the said pressure), then you have come to the right spot. Many people turn the negatives into positives by organizing a divorce party. It can be helpful with your transition into your new chapter in life. Plus, it can help you get all the support you need from your loved ones. It is an opportunity for all good things in your life to shine through!

Have you started thinking about throwing this party for yourself but don’t know where to start? No worries! Here’s all you need to know about how to throw a divorce party!

Why you need to have a divorce party

The concept of a divorce party has changed and developed over the past few years, leading to what you can experience today. Depending on how you ended things with your partner, you can organize this party to celebrate the newfound freedom. It can be a relaxed setting, or it can be a wild and memorable night – it all depends on you. Either way, it is an occasion where you can make amends with the situation as it is and start moving on.

Once it is time to look on the bright side (depending on the severity of your situation), you will soon realize that it is good to mark the end of one chapter and the beginning of a new one. For those of you who are struggling with coming to terms with all this, tell yourself there will be a time when you will not cry about it. You don’t have to celebrate as soon as your divorce is finalized if you don’t feel like it. Wait for a while, and then start planning it. Nevertheless, once you do it, you will notice that many benefits come with it!

Benefits of celebrating your divorce

From a psychological point of view, many benefits come with organizing a divorce party. However, three come to mind as soon as we think about it:

  1. Deescalate a situation. Depending on the terms you are ending on with your partner, you might be going through a very difficult time. Remember that you are not going to be sad all the time, so you can pour all the joy and love you have into the preparation of the party! If you don’t feel like it at the moment, that’s okay! But it is important to know that, by doing this, you deescalate the situation in your mind and heart. After all, it takes some time to process such information and time to get over the time, love, and energy you have spent during the marriage.
  2. Move forward. With full speed ahead (or with the smallest steps), you can start moving forward and into your new life. Turn to the positive and remember that the past is in the past. It is time to start working on making all your other dreams come true! This is when you start making yourself happy, and it is a great opportunity to start thriving in life!
  3. Break the taboo. As much as we think that the taboo of divorce has been long left in the past, in reality, it is not that way. There really is no shame in divorcing anyone, but people still consider it a personal failure. In our society, there should be a clear path of how you do things in life, and once you stray from it, you are considered an outcast. Thankfully, things are looking up nowadays. Having a divorce party gives you the advantage of expressing yourself, saying what you think and feel, and getting support from the people around you.
Beach divorce party

How to organize a divorce party?

Depending on your individual desires, you can have a big party in a club, in a pub, at home, or wherever. You can make it an entire day filled with laughter, barbecue, and fun activities! Or, if you are quieter, you can gather your closest friends at home and get rid of the wedding memorabilia together over a few drinks! The most important aspect is to enjoy yourself. Simply put, the list of ideas for a divorce party is never-ending!

Some of the things you should keep in mind before organizing a divorce party are the following:

  • The planning. It is best to start planning the party as soon as the divorce is finalized and the papers are signed. This is your reason for having a party celebrating your fresh start. On the other hand, if the divorce has not been the most pleasant experience for you, you can only make it worse by immediately organizing a bash afterward. In this case, take some time – you have deserved it. Whenever you feel like you can go at it at full speed ahead – that is your cue to begin planning.
  • The theme. Think about divorce party themes. If your marriage ended with mutual understanding over lack of love or interest, then you have a clear theme for it! But if the theme is something you still don’t want to talk about, then you can pick up any theme you like. As long as it’s creative, puts a smile on your face (and your guests as well), and urges you to celebrate your new life, you are on the right track. Remember, this is the time for you to have fun!
  • The décor. Let’s be honest, no party is complete without some decorations. The divorce party is supposed to be the opposite of a wedding, so choose some funny and maybe adult-themed décor. You can go for motivational-based pieces with bright and gentle colors, or you can choose the opposite direction and go all out with cynical messages and bursts of colors everywhere you turn. You can choose a cake or cupcakes with funny messages and make your event memorable.

Tips for organizing a divorce party

Once we have started on the preparation bit, let’s look into some pointers! In this section, get all the inspiration you need to organize the perfect divorce party before you embark on a new journey in your life. Here are the best tips on how to throw a divorce party!

  • Create a bucket list – of all the things you didn’t do or see while you were married (but you were supposed to). Now that you have a newfound freedom, use it to the limit – and beyond! Grab your closest friends and visit that restaurant that you and your partner never had a chance to go to. Make a bucket list with all the things you want to do as a single person, and start doing them! Who knows, maybe among them, you will find the perfect ideas for a divorce party.
  • If you are angry – grab some cheap plates and start smashing them! There is no better way to release the anger than by organizing a rage room! Whether it is stress or resentment you feel, you should allow for all of it to get out! Find a local rage room, and organize your friends. Go there and get ready to smash things!
  • A spa day. For those of you who felt your entire marriage was too much work, then a spa day is an excellent choice. Get in touch with your favorite spa and organize a day filled with pampering for you and a few close friends. It is time to start treating yourself. The best way to do that is to get a massage, go to a yoga class, and enjoy yourself!
  • An open bar. If you still feel like making the divorce party at home is what you need, and start removing some of your most cherished memories, we have you covered! You can have a really wild party at home. Raise a glass to your new life with the open bar you organize, trash your wedding dress, enjoy some good music and good friends, and reverse the marriage ceremony!

The possibilities for making the divorce party the most memorable one in your life are endless. And if you want to take it a step further, we are always here to assist! Our Cocktail CowBoys are there to add some spice to your event and make you forget about all your troubles! Contact us and see what we’re all about! And don’t forget to keep on reading. There are many reasons to call us up for a party, and you can see that in the other blogs!