Top 10 Austin TX Bachelorette Activities

There is no shortage of bachelorette activities in Austin, Texas!

Austin is one of the fastest-growing cities in America. It’s a destination for all types of people, but lately, it’s become one of the best spots for bachelorette parties! If you want a getaway with lively nightlife, unique attractions, and an authentic vibe, Austin is your place. The city is also a great pick if you’re trying to stay within a budget.

If you’re reading this, maybe someone put you in charge of planning a bachelorette weekend your group won’t soon forget. Good news! We’re here to help.

Check out the list of the top 10 Austin bachelorette activities that are sure to make your trip the best bachelorette party ever.

1. Book a Party Bus

Let your hair down and enjoy the city from a new perspective on a party bus. Most buses let you BYOB and it’s a fun and unique way to see the city in a short amount of time. They’ll take you to all highlights in town, like Sixth Street, Mt Bonnell, the Capitol, and more. There are many types of party buses, ranging from more sightseeing tours to more party-focused ones. Our personal favorite is Party Engine ATX, which is a full-size fire truck that has been converted into a party bus. Use the code COWBOY for 10% off when booking!

If you want something a bit more active, you can also try a party bike tour. Check out PubCrawler of Austin for a good time on wheels!

2. Hit the Lake

Nothing says Austin Bach quite like a day on the lake. Austin has three lakes to choose from: Lake Austin, Lake Travis, Lady Bird Lake. Lake Austin is super close to town and is very easy to get to. You can cruise down the water, looking at some beautiful homes (like Matthew McConaughey’s!), and end up in Party Cove.

Lake Travis, while about 45 minutes outside of town, is much larger and is home to Devil’s Cove. This inlet is where tons of boats congregate and it’s a huge party on the water. There are also massive barges that can hold 40+ people on Lake Travis.

Lastly, Lady Bird Lake is right next to downtown and is great for a more relaxing day on the water. Since the lake is closed to most engine-powered boats (except for a select few), you’ll have to rent a kayak or stand-up paddleboard. But it’s great to lay out and soak in some rays. Whatever lake you choose, there are a ton of boat rental companies to choose from.

3. Float The River

Maybe a standing body of water isn’t your thing. One of the finest ways (our personal favorite, in fact) to take advantage of a Texas summer is to go river floating with your crew. Central Texas is home to tons of rivers, but the closest popular ones to Austin are in San Marcos and New Braunfels. We recommend Don’s Fish Camp as the best launch point. Fill up a cooler, grab your girls, and enjoy an afternoon of drinking, music, and people watching. Other floaters may have squirt guns, jello shots, and footballs. You’ll definitely want to make a pit stop at Shot Island. Make sure you arrange transportation home though, as 3-4 hours on the water while guzzling seltzers can catch up to you.

4. Hit Up Sixth Street

The most iconic part of Austin’s entertainment scene is none other than 6th Street. There are three distinct areas of 6th: West, Dirty, and East. West is where many post-college students go, has a number of clubby-type bars, and a variety of places to dance and get good drinks. Dirty 6th is what people mean when out-of-towners refer to 6th St. The city closes down the streets on Friday and Saturday nights and this place gets rowdy. You’ll likely be coerced into going to one of the bars by someone offering you free drinks, but don’t stick around too long, as there are about 30 other bars to stop at on Dirty. Lastly, East 6th, which is east of I-35, is an up-and-coming area for young people. Certainly not as rowdy as Dirty or West, it gives a slightly more chill and hipster vibe due to the fact that there are more beer gardens and speakeasies on East 6th.

5. Go Out on Rainey Street

Second only to 6th Street, Rainey St is a great option to go out, day or night. When Rainey was first launched as a food and drink destination, it consisted of a bunch of small-ish houses turned into bars. Today, developers have turned many of the houses into larger bars, but it still holds some of the same charm. Definitely hit up Icenhauer’s if you’re there on a Sunday.

6. Keep the Party at Home

Going out to 6th or Rainey two nights in a row can be pretty draining. Luckily, there are some options that come to you! The Cocktail CowBoys are an amazing way to celebrate your last days as an unmarried woman. They will turn an ordinary party into an unforgettable one. From bartending and party organizing to snack fetching and giving you compliments, these CowBoys are the best party hosts you’ll ever have and are sure to be the highlight of your weekend. They are the life of the party and aren’t too bad to look at either. Perfect for a night in, game night, pregame, brunch, or day at the pool.

7. Listen To Live Music

Austin is considered the Live Music Capital of the World. Wherever you turn, you’ll find a bar, restaurant, or park with a band of some type, singing and jamming away. The music is practically everywhere. We recommend 6th St as the place to go if you’re not set on any specific concert, but a quick online search will tell you some specifics about artists, set times, and venues.

8. Visit Texas’s State Capitol

Ok, ok, this one is a little “touristy”. But trust us – everything is bigger in Texas and the state capitol holds true to that too. Located right downtown, this is a great way to kill 30 minutes with your group. You can tour the inside of the building at no cost, but walking around the grounds and gardens is usually adequate enough.

9. Go Line Dancing

Nothing says “yeehaw” quite like some line dancing. If you’re from out of town, you may need someone to show you the ropes, but it’s not too hard. Line dancing is definitely a memorable way to celebrate the bride-to-be. We recommend going to Broken Spoke, The White Horse, or Mavericks Dance Hall.

10. Did someone say brunch?

The weekend of a bachelorette party wouldn’t be complete without at least one celebratory brunch. Austin has a wide variety of fantastic brunch selections, including traditional Southern brunch as well as Mexican and Asian cuisine. What better way to finish a bachelorette party than a wild brunch complete with boundless mimosas? Definitely look at going to Wu Chow for their soup dumplings, Banger’s for the man-mosas, or Fixe for their biscuits.

Austin Bachelorette Activities

Hopefully, this list helps you map out an epic bachelorette party weekend. These activities are just the beginning. Check out this guide to bachelorette parties in Austin and these must-do things for every Austin bachelorette. Enjoy Austin!