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Party Props Suggestions

Every party deserves at least a few shots to commemorate special moments. However, to capture the feeling and the atmosphere of the event genuinely, you need to think about how to make your photographs fun and unique. This is where the party props come to the rescue! 

Whether you are throwing a bachelorette party, a bridal shower, or a simple birthday gathering, going for some props is a good idea. They are additions that can make your photos authentic and give you exceptional framed memories! Certainly, they are not a mandatory part of any party, but they can make a difference and add some excitement to your photos. Plus, with themes and props, events are always more fun, so why not take advantage of them and have some unforgettable moments with your loved ones? 

In this blog, we have included some of the best party prop ideas for your upcoming bash. You can opt for simple or extravagant choices depending on your preferences. But you will surely end up with some exceptional photographs that will let you remember your special moments uniquely! 

party props

Ideas for Themed Party Props

If you decide to add party decorations, you should go for ones that match your theme. Luckily, you will have numerous options when it comes to props, whatever theme you decide on. You can make your event quite spectacular and take some fun photos that will commemorate those exciting moments forever. After all, your photographs are the only tangible memories you will have from your party, meaning you should make some extra effort to make them exceptional! 

Here are some great party prop ideas that match some amazing themes. 

Heart-shaped Sunglasses for a Barbie-themed Bachelorette Party

Barbie has taken over the world recently, so why not keep up with the trends? You can make a nice pink display using different party decorations and get creative with the whole setup. To make it unique, opt for a bachelorette party by the pool and wear chic pink swimsuits just like Barbie dolls. 

The bride can wear a white swimsuit, while the bridesmaids can opt for pink ones in different tones. This type of attire will look great in your bachelorette photographs. However, to enhance the effect, you can also wear heart-shaped sunglasses or fun Barbie wigs as your party props. Moreover, opt for a sign that says ‘Come On Barbie, Let’s Go Party’, posing as the ultimate backdrop! 

Who does not want to dress in pink and have fun in front of the camera? For a more spectacular experience, you can have our Cocktail CowBoys act as your Ken companions and make your bachelorette party absolutely authentic! 

Cowboy Hats for a Last Rodeo Bachelorette Party 

The bachelorette party is the chance to explore your wild side, and the best way to do that is by throwing a Wild West-themed one. Spend your special day embracing the cowgirl charm and adventure. A Last Rodeo bachelorette party can be a fun way to celebrate your last days as a single lady. Plus, there are a lot of options to make it spectacular when it comes to party supplies. Nashville and Austin are places where this theme works best, so you have to give it a try. 

Set up a sign, such as ‘The Same Cowboy Forever’, or simply go for a ‘The Last Rodeo’ banner. These types of signs will look great in your photographs, especially when accompanied by props like cowboy hats and boots. As you know, no rodeo is complete without a few lassos, so ensure to get them! They can even make up for thrilling party games!

We also have another feature that will add authenticity to your Last Rodeo. Hiring Cocktail CowBoys will add a special touch to your bachelorette party and complement the whole setting. It will be fun having cowboys as bartenders or photographers, so do not miss out on the chance! 

Sleeping Masks for a PJs and Prosecco Party 

When you want to opt for a party with a difference, consider a fancy version of a slumber party. Have your girls dress up in satin PJs and start the party with some prosecco. This is a low-key type of bachelorette party with chic features and a lot of great memories. You will get to spend the last days of your engagement with your favorite people in a cozy atmosphere and a beverage that will make the ambiance even more comfortable.

However, even a low-key event cannot go without a few shots. So, put on your sleeping masks, and get creative in front of the camera. Experiment with your poses and enjoy the moments with your loved ones. Also, customize your sleeping masks further to make them into unique party props!

Use the cozy surroundings of your bedroom as your spot, but do not forget to spice things up with some glittery banners. For more creative photographs, use some slumber party games as your props and get a few spontaneous shots of your special day! 

Floaties for A ‘Girls Just Wanna Have Sun’ Party 

If you are throwing a bachelorette party on a hot day in summer, then why not consider a fun ‘Girls Just Wanna Have Sun” event? You can have a great pool day with your girls and enjoy the blessings that go with the heat. 

For this kind of party, consider wearing colorful bikinis or swimsuits. You will want your photos to depict the summer mood, and what is the best way to do that, if not with vibrant hues? For the must-have party props, consider floaties in different colors. You can hold them in your photos or use them in the pool during the photoshoot. Whatever way you decide to show them in your shots, the outcomes will be stunning!

Throw in some retro sunglasses to completely capture the theme. Plus, do not forget to mix it up with some signs to make your bachelorette party pop! 

Brooms and Hats for a Hocus Pocus Event 

Summer parties are great, but do not forget about the beauty of the autumn spirits. If you are planning a party around Halloween, this will be the perfect chance to use the holiday vibe. When you want a unique bachelorette or birthday party, you have to think outside the box. One way to do so is to go with a Hocus Pocus party where witchy features will take center stage! 

Have your guests dress up in their favorite spooky costumes and add a bunch of theme-related party props. Luckily, when it comes to spooky things, you can add a lot of stuff, such as witch hats, brooms, spiders, cobwebs, and so on. Remember – the scarier you are, the more effective your event will be!

Also, consider the option of making your cocktails in the form of potions, which will enhance the overall effect of your party and photographs. More importantly, do not forget to use your scary faces when posing! 

Disco Balls for a Disco Cowgirl Party 

Cowgirls are always a great party option, and they seem to be all the rave right now! So, we cannot miss the chance to suggest at least a few of them. In this case, we have a blend of cowboy and disco elements, which go perfectly together. Put on your hats and your cowboy boots, and hit the dance floor with some disco hits! 

When picking party supplies, do not have second thoughts about disco balls. They will work great in your photos and add a special touch to all of them. Also, consider putting cow print on a lot of details of your decor so you will have the perfect backdrop for your party. 

If you want to take your party to the next level, then consider hiring Cocktail CowBoys and make your event a one-of-a-kind celebration. You will have authentic bartenders for all your festivities and great models for some unique photographs!

party props

Parasols for a Regal Bachelorette Party 

If you are a fan of Jane Austin, use some of her books as an inspiration for your event. You can have that glamour of the pastimes included in your bachelorette party. Dress up in elegant Victorian gowns and add some royal elements to it. Alternatively, host a tea party and depict the romantic atmosphere present in the books of Jane Austin, such as Pride and Prejudice. 

You can use vintage parasols in your photo session and achieve some amazingly exciting shots of your big moments. Hopeless romantics will love this idea and have tremendous fun participating in a chic party like this!

As you can see, party props are a must, no matter the theme you’re going for! When choosing them, use your creativity and take your event to the next level. Do not be afraid to experiment and enjoy each moment of your party. After all, they are meant to bring you joy and let you celebrate your big days uniquely! 

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