5 Reasons To Book A Party Bus 

Celebrating special occasions should be a fun and memorable experience. It is a day when all our family and friends come together to mark a milestone in our lives. We usually celebrate it by renting out a venue suitable for the occasion. Well, not anymore!

A current trend gaining popularity and turning heads worldwide is party buses! Why settle for the ordinary when you can throw your next bash in an unexpected setting? Hiring a party bus is not just a mode of transportation – it is so much more than that. 

A party on a bus is pretty self-explanatory – it’s literally an epic celebration on wheels. Planning a birthday, a bachelorette party or just a special night out with friends can be challenging to coordinate. Booking a party bus will make things so much easier. 

Join us as we uncover some of the greatest reasons why you should book a party bus for your next event in Nashville or Austin. We also picked some suggestions that we think you’ll enjoy.

Why book a Party Bus?

Have an Extravagant Adventure

The days when you had to confine your party to a single venue are gone. Party buses are more than just a means of transportation –wherever you go, the vibes follow. Instead of staying in one place, you are free to explore the city while keeping the atmosphere alive. Just imagine cruising the city streets, enjoying the sights, and partying with your closest friends!

Limo party buses provide the ultimate experience everyone will talk about for days. Once you step inside, you will be greeted with top-of-the-line amenities and entertainment options. Party buses have state-of-the-art sound systems, dazzling lighting, comfortable seating, and everything you need to have an incredible party on wheels. All you and your friends need to do is get ready to dance and create memories that last a lifetime.

Want to add expert party hosts and Spotify DJs to the mix? Cocktail Cowboys are here to serve. We will bring the party vibes up, take and pose in pictures, and make and serve drinks for you and your friends.

Get the VIP Treatment

Ever wondered what party buses of celebrities look like? Well, now you have a chance to have that experience! Booking a party bus gets you and your guests the VIP treatments from start to finish. Because of their convenience, you won’t need to worry about where you’ll park, whether all of you will fit, or if you need to find alternative ways of transportation. Hiring a party bus in Nashville comes with professional and courteous chauffeurs ready to provide and ensure a safe and enjoyable ride. This allows you to revel in the luxury of the plush seating and other amenities. So, why not allow yourself to feel like a VIP for a night and make your celebration memorable?

Safety in Numbers

Safety is a top priority for every party bus rental company. In other words, you’ll be in safe hands at all times. The buses are operated by professional drivers who have undergone rigorous testing. These drivers prioritize safety and are chosen based on their extensive experience in navigating the roads of Nashville and Austin. And while the drivers take you on a cruise of the city, you can hire our Cocktail Cowboys to take over and show you what parting is all about.

Another perk of parties on a bus is they come equipped with GPS tracking systems ensuring the whereabouts of your group. At the same time, bus rental companies must have safety features like first aid kits, fire extinguishers, and clearly labeled emergency exits.

Unmatched Social Bonding

Party buses are all about making memorable bonding experiences for everyone on board. To make things even more exciting, Cocktail Cowboys will help you celebrate together. We excel at what we do, creating shared memories that make events truly special. Some of us are experienced in capturing memorable photos, others are out-of-this-world DJs, and we can also help with drinks and party games. 

Throughout the party on a bus, we’ll ensure that the area is kept clean and in pristine condition. With our help, your next celebration will be an unmatched social bonding event that will be the talk of the town.

A Cost-Effective Solution

We all know that planning events strains the budget, which is why party bus companies offer cost-effective solutions. When organizing a party at a particular venue, you have to worry about the expenses of individual cars or rentals, pay pricey taxi fares, parking fees, etc. 

In contrast, when you rent a party bus in Austin, you can share the cost with a group, making this an affordable option for everyone. Another reason party buses are so trendy is that they are a luxurious transportation that doesn’t break the bank. It saves you money, time, and effort by having everyone together in one vehicle.

Suggestions for Party Buses

Cocktail Cowboys have been present at many bus party events and can make some of the following suggestions for booking a party bus.

Cocktail CowBoys Party Bus

Looking for the ultimate VIP experience? Then our Cocktail CowBoys party bus is here to help you throw a next-level party! Available in both Austin and Nashville, we will cruise the best spots and help you make unforgettable memories. As your hosts, we will serve you drinks and refreshments, be your Spotify DJ, and even be your photographer and model (we’ll pose with you!). Not only will we entertain you with drinking games, but we will also keep the area tidy!

Extreme Party Nashville Open-Air BYOB Party Bus

Experience a two-hour city adventure with a private DJ on the bus, widely known as the party bus in Nashville. It is definitely not for the shy ones because it has vibrant colors and huge windows overlooking the streets, offering outsiders a view of what’s happening inside. Book it for a private tour or join in on the public tour and party with strangers. Whatever the case, this is a great opportunity for social bonding.

Ultimate Party Bus

Want to have the time of your life? Climb aboard the Ultimate Party Bus in Nashville. Two hours of endless fun and excitement with friendly staff and lots of drinks. The bus is equipped with a VIP bartender, a premium sound system, and your professional driver. You can book a private tour or join a public one where you can mingle and meet new people.

Upstage Party Bus

If you’re obsessed with Hollywood’s glitz and glamour, we have the perfect party bus! Host your next bash on the bus equipped with seven TVs that play music videos, concert lighting, a professionally tuned audio system, and an open seating arrangement. If you want to party in style and have your stage for two hours, the Upstage Party Bus offers the ultimate experience. 

To add to the experience, choose Cocktail Cowboys to liven up the party and ensure everything goes smoothly. Why bother taking photos when stopping by murals and other hotspots in Nashville when we can do that for you? Let us capture the best images of you and your friends with glittered ceiling backdrops and shimmering flower walls. We can also have fun at the bus’s Photo Booth together or sing and dance the night away with karaoke.

Ninja Buses – Austin Party Bus Rentals

Hop on these casual party buses that offer the experience of a lifetime. One of Austin’s fully loaded party passes offers plenty of space to party, leather interiors, utility poles, killer sound systems, ice-cold AC, and so much more. And none of this will break your bank! Ninja buses offer affordable group and individual tours.

TRIBE Bus Tours

Austin’s first and only open-air party bus is a place where you can “vibe with your tribe.” Hop on the bus individually or reserve it for a private tour and celebrate birthdays, corporate events, or bachelorette parties. Gather your group and go for a mural tour to see Austin’s legendary street art. The tour includes a short break to let you enjoy mimosas during happy hour. Finally, if you’re a batch-to-be, you and your entourage can party through the bright lights on the bus’s mobile dancefloor.

Honky Tonk Party Express 

Climb on board America’s Honky Tonk Party Express. Organize your BYOB party on wheels with a two-hour scenic tour of Music City while you dance to your favorite beats from your own playlist. When you rent this party bus in Austin, you can also hire the Cocktail Cowboys to join you in jumping up on the wooden platforms, just like the days back in college. We can serve you drinks and pamper you while you’re partying away. The bus also offers a VIP bartender, a massive sound system, and the possibility to personalize the bus for the event.

To Sum Up

Instead of settling for the ordinary, take it up a notch and have the best party of your life! Party buses offer a thrilling adventure that combines transportation and entertainment. Unleash your party spirit and let your friends join you on an adventure you will never forget!

The Cocktail Cowboys are here to help you make your party even more memorable. We can be bartenders, party hosts, take pictures all day, or liven up the party when needed. All you need to do is sit back, relax, and let the Cocktail Cowboys make your party experience unforgettable.