Sharing a birthday with a close friend of yours? How about throwing a rocking joint birthday party? Check out our blog for some useful planning tips!

Tips for Planning a Joint Birthday Party 

Birthday parties have never been just for kids. Ever since we were little, most of us have noticed that there is always the “adult” section at every child’s birthday party. Well, now that we are grown, we get to see what it’s like to have a party with one of the best phrases in the world – adults only! If you plan a joint birthday party and have a friend with whom you’d like to share the festivities, you have landed on the right site.

When your birthday is just around the corner, the pressure slowly starts to build up – are you going to find the right spot for it, who to invite, and whether you should have a theme or not? Just thinking a little bit more about it can make you start spiraling. But we’ve got you covered on that front!

Are you ready to turn your special day into a shared celebration? Planning a joint birthday party can be double the fun and half the stress – when done right. Whether you’re considering a dual celebration for siblings, friends, or family members, this guide will help you navigate the exciting journey of organizing a memorable bash for both birthday stars. So, let’s dive in and show you how to throw a joint birthday party!

Double the fun

When you are planning a double birthday celebration, the possibilities start becoming endless! Just imagine what can happen when two minds collide – you can create the most wonderful and magical night of your lives! And when the guest list is pretty much the same people from both sides – that is where the fun begins!

If you still feel stuck after reading this, let us make it easy for you. In addition, find the list of the perfect tips for planning a joint birthday party.

  1. Find the perfect partner

Needless to say, the first thing you need to do is find the perfect partner in crime! For a party of a large magnitude, you need to have the right person by your side. If you have a friend who is eager to make a memorable bash with you, then you are off to a perfect start.

  1. Find the place

The next thing you need to find is the location. Depending on your preferences and the time of the year, there are many choices for you. Start from an outdoor place and discover everything there is around your area. From one place to the next, you will find what you are looking for.

  1. Guestlist

One of the main questions on every event ever made is how many people will be invited. Take out your pen and a piece of paper, and start writing down your part of the guests. Then, talk to your friend about their half and double-check everything. After all, the location will help you settle the guest list and your vision for the night (or day), too!

  1. Pick the date

The weekend is the most popular choice for people who want to have a joint birthday party for adults. This is mostly the time to relax (especially if you are in your 30s), but there is always time for a little party, right? Considering the venue and the guest list, the date should be easy to pick. Give your guests some time to recuperate after the partying, so when you are choosing a date, make it Friday or Saturday.

  1. Send the invitations

It is time to let your friends know that you are having a double birthday celebration! Send out the invitations for your party at least a month before it happens (so yes, you need to plan a little bit ahead of time). Three things are important for you to include in your invitation – the time, the date, and the location. We are certain that as soon as they see the invitations, they will be just as excited as you are!

  1. Décor

The fun part has only just begun! Think of a joint birthday party theme with the other person and make the décor look incredible! If you are planning a birthday party for yourself and another person, start from the basics – your favorite color. You can easily take it from there and build up the idea until you get to one that satisfies both of your expectations.

  1. Food

Food is an essential part of every celebration, so think about how wide the palette will be. Sit down with your birthday partner and choose the right caterer for your joint birthday party. First, you need to have some appetizers and some hors d’ouevres so your guests will not be hungry. Depending on your décor, location, and colors, you can mix, match, or make everything monochromatic! For example, if you are having an all-pink Barbie birthday, some rose wine, pink gin, and pink pasta are excellent options!

  1. Music

We have come to the entertainment section! Slowly but surely, the date of your birthday is nearing, but you feel like there is so much more to be done! We are starting off the entertainment section with the music. Do you want it to be a dance floor filled with people or a relaxed party where anyone can chill out? Depending on what effect you want to achieve, your options span from a band or a DJ to sharing your favorite Spotify playlist with them all!

  1. Game night

Sometimes, making the most out of your double birthday celebration means taking care of your guests in a sort of intellectual way. That said, hosting a game night is the perfect way for you to entertain your guests. Whip up some of the best games you can find (board games and online ones), and let the fun begin! Make some extra fun goody bags for the winners of the games, and have some consolation prizes for the rest, too!

  1. Cook all night

There are so many options when you are organizing a joint birthday party! For example, if your chosen location has a large kitchen, why not cook the night away? Think about it – the guest list is short, and all of you are foodies. It is the perfect thing for all of you who want to take it down a notch but still make a memorable night out of it! Create a menu of all your favorite things, and then get your hands dirty! Last but not least, a gentle suggestion here – don’t forget the cake!

  1. Have a wine or cocktail-tasting

For all of you wine or cocktail lovers out there, there is a solution to your birthday party (especially if it is a low-key, sophisticated one). All of us love a glass of wine every once in a while or an iconic cocktail to spice up the experience. Moreover, many wine clubs create exquisite wine-tasting menus and have closed events specifically focused on that. Or, by hiring professional bartenders, you will get the most amazing cocktails for a night to remember! So, why not make your joint birthday party such an event? If you are only interested in experiencing this for one night, then your celebration should be nothing short of digging into the nuances of some all-time favorites.

  1. A themed party that lights up all your senses

As our suggestions are coming to a close, you might want to look into some interesting choices we have for you. Themed parties have always been, and always will be, a big hit. So once you have everything covered (such as the place, date, décor, etc), you can choose a theme. These are only a handful of the best joint birthday party themes:

  • Great Gatsby
  • Wine & Cheese
  • High Tea
  • Jewelry-making
  • Classy
  • Decades (70s, 80s, 90s)
  • Mixology
  • Masquerade

You see? The options are truly endless. Just remember to decide on this before you send your invitations out!

Joint Birthday Party – The glue that ties it all together

Throughout your planning process, you might get stuck and think you need help in all of this. In fact, you might think that there should be someone at the party who can take things to the next level! And there is! Even if you don’t have a clear idea of what you want to do, we are here to help!

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