Tips For Planning A Fantasy-themed Bachelorette Party + Destination Suggestions

Ready to turn your fantasy-themed bachelorette party into an epic event? We’re happy to say you have landed on the right page! Whether you want a laid-back approach or are more keen on the adventurous side of life, today, you will discover how to make up for the perfect experience! When planning a fantasy bachelorette party, you must know that the destination matters the most – well, besides the theme of the party! So today, you have two very nice options to choose from. First, you can opt for the incredible heart of country music and decide on Nashville. Second, you can go to a place where the sun always shines – and that’s Austin!

Whichever you choose, allow the Cocktail CowBoys to elevate your party and make it unforgettable! From the perfect DJ sets to venue choices and everything else you can think of, here are our ultimate tips for throwing the best fantasy bachelorette party.

Fantasy-themed bachelorette party

Setting the Stage: Venue Selection

The first and most important thing is to set the stage for this event. Fantasy bachelorette parties can be a lot of fun, especially when it comes to choosing the venue in the destinations we’re recommending. Plus, when you add the Cocktail CowBoys services to it, you will end up having a fantastic time! Take a look at your options at both destinations below!

What happens in Nashville…

Nashville is known to be the city of honky-tonks. If you want to be overwhelmed with the Southern charm, then this is the best place for your fantasy bachelorette party. This location will go well with some themes such as Harry Potter or Lord of the Rings fantasy parties. If the bride is eager to have fun and you want to make the most out of the party, then this city is a good choice. You get to choose from a variety of venues, thanks to which you will easily find the perfect spot! You may consider renting a private room at a specific location or even an entire one of the small bars available in the city! It all depends on the capacity – and how many girls you would like to invite to the hen party.

Wherever you find a place in Nashville, the next step would be to contact Cocktail CowBoys. We would be more than happy to elevate your experience by mixing up the best cocktails you have ever tasted! We will be there to give your entire bachelorette experience an extra layer of excitement – and we will succeed in that with flying colors!

Austin and its great hosting service

Austin just may be the complete opposite of Nashville. Here, you can create a very unique and wonderful atmosphere with the help of the Cocktail CowBoys. Look for a party venue that has a lot of character – you will find a lot of them in Austin. If the theme of the bachelorette party is on the more ethereal side, then Austin can deliver – and so can we! Once you choose the place perfect for your fantasy-themed bachelorette party, give us a call! By booking the Cocktail CowBoys services, you can create an even better atmosphere!

If you think that you will miss out on an incredible experience in Austin, you are mistaken! You can book our services wherever you are in the city. Keep it wonderful, keep it spectacular, keep us as an option!

Fantasy Football Draft Party

Create the Ultimate Fantasy-themed Bachelorette Party Experience

There is really no fantasy bachelorette party if you don’t create the experience for it. Luckily, the Cocktail CowBoys have created the perfect itinerary. These types of parties are a channel through which your dreams can come true, so here is what you can do in both destinations to make that happen.

When considering Nashville

This is a city that has been kept alive by the sound of music. So, why not interpret that in your own way for the party? Bring a little bit of extra excitement into the planning, especially because it is a Nashville-based fantasy bachelorette party. If you don’t know where to begin, allow us to give you a nudge – you can create the ultimate playlist that includes some of the best Nashville legends, such as Dolly Parton! With that in mind, imagine what the atmosphere will be like if you throw us into the mix as well! Cocktail CowBoys are always here to set the scene and make up for an unforgettable party.

When considering Austin

Austin has that kind of an eclectic spirit, something that you won’t find anywhere else. Here, you have a very unique opportunity to make that fantasy bachelorette party come to life! Other than the decorations your bride-to-be will love, you can throw in the incredible sound of Austin into the mix – followed by some of the most amazing meals you’ve ever tasted. Getting a taste of Austin means delving deep into their cuisine. It will all come down to a true celebration of creativity, love, and culture. And imagine what every bite will taste like with us by your side!

Fantasy Football Draft Party

The essentials you need for the day

Now, let’s discuss the essentials a little bit. Here is what you will need for each destination.

In Nashville

Since this city is known for its magnetic style, you need to keep the bride-to-be entertained. Take a look at the theme you have for your party. For example, if it is a LOTR theme, organize a trivia part of the night where the bride will answer questions. If she gets them wrong, she should drink! 

Also, you girls should always have fun, and the Cocktail CowBoys have just the solution for that! We would be happy to be your party game helpers and hype men, lifting everyone’s spirits and creating an unforgettable atmosphere! No party is complete without us!

In Austin

You will be happy to see that Austin can make all your wishes come true, too! When you’re planning this fantasy bachelorette party, you can incorporate some outdoor elements and soak in the sunshine while you have a great time! The fairy fantasy bachelorette party is not complete with a headpiece made with flowers – the bride will love that!

At this point, anything is possible! During this time, we can be your bartender, butler, and Spotify DJ. Yes, we’ll do everything possible to keep the party going well into the night!

How to dress for the Fantasy-themed Bachelorette Party?

The dress code is important on these occasions. But you probably already knew that and have a few styles in mind. Even so, here are a few tips on that below!


Feel free to encourage everyone to show off their favorite outfit by dressing up according to your theme or by choosing some particular colors! Do you want to take things a step further? Organize this before you go to Nashville – print t-shirts with various characters from the theme of your choice so everyone can be someone.

If you don’t do this, then you can always focus on creative outfits. Come up with a few prizes for the best-dressed and the most creative ones, and allow us to give the prizes to the lucky winners. This would go perfectly for your Nashville draft bachelorette party.


While you can use the same in Austin, you can get more of that cozy hipster liberating vibe of clothing. Depending on what the bride prefers, of course, you can add some funky accessories or outrageous costumes and embrace all the excellence in the details they add. You can also hand out prizes here – we would love to be your butlers in this case!

Fantasy Football Draft Party

What about food and drinks?

In most cases, if you have your heart set on a specific pub or bar, then you will probably be covered with drinks and snacks. However, this is where other options open up. For example, you might want to draft your own menu. Or, choose a venue that will take care of everything for you, including the food.

If you’re in Nashville

When it comes to food in Nashville, there are a lot of options for you there. From the wonderful savory sides to some amazing fixings, this is what you need to keep everybody entertained. If you want to make it a more laid-back atmosphere, the Cocktail CowBoys can help there too! Get a few ice-cold drinks – actually, allow us to treat you with some epic cocktails!

If you’re in Austin

Austin, on the other hand, is the land of chips, salsa, tacos, and all things exotic! Here, you have so many options, so go wild with them! No matter what you choose – be that beer or cocktails, we can help you elevate the scene and make the most out of your party!

Some fun activities you can do

Last but not least, we only touched upon some of the fun activities you can do while having your ultimate fantasy-themed bachelorette party. Of course, as with everything previously mentioned, we divided this into two categories – one for Nashville and one for Austin.


In Nashville, you can take advantage of its vibrant nightlife scene by planning some incredible activities. Head out for a night of live music or visit a local karaoke bar to celebrate another successful party dedicated to love and happiness, especially because you have it organized as a Nashville fantasy bachelorette party. And if you need someone to capture those magnificent moments, Cocktail CowBoys are always here to help! Summon us so we can be the amateur photographer you never knew you needed.


In Austin, you can keep the party going into the wee hours of the night. There are plenty of places for you to visit and make memories until the very end of your party time. Of course, we would be delighted to help you preserve those memories and take pictures all night!

Fantasy-themed Bachelorette Party With The Cocktail CowBoys

Get ready for a fantastic fantasy bachelorette party! Choose the theme you like, and don’t forget to contact the Cocktail CowBoys. Share the theme you want to have with us and trust us, we can help you have an unforgettable time! If you liked this post, there is more where that came from – browse our blog!