Best Nightlife in Nashville and Austin

It is time to put on your dancing shoes and step outside! Planning the perfect night out means finding just the right spot for it. Nowadays, there are so many options to choose from that you might end up an afternoon looking for a spot and still come out empty-handed. However, the Cocktail Cowboys are here to help! In this blog, you’ll discover the nightlife in Nashville and Austin, including suggestions for spots worth checking out.

Nightlife in Nashville

There is really no point in trying to prove otherwise. Tennessee’s capital is an incredibly friendly place with a lot of potential going-out spots. The nightlife in Nashville truly thrives, and with that, you should have high expectations. People take the status of a “music city” very seriously, which is probably one reason why it has so much to offer. No matter where you decide to go, you will end up having a good time. However, for those who are a little bit more specific and want to know what to expect, here are a few places that you will love.

  1. House of Cards

You probably didn’t think this list would begin with such a place, right? If you don’t know this spot by now, then you should immediately become familiar with it. House of Cards is one of the best bars in Nashville, TN, located under the Johny Cash Museum. It includes a bar, a restaurant, and a performance space. However, the most exciting thing about it is the magic shows! Of course, for such a place, you need to dress to impress. The dress code includes dinner jackets, fancy dresses, and formal shoes. Keep in mind that taking pictures is not allowed, so you don’t spoil the experience for somebody else. Finally, making reservations is advised, but walk-ins are welcomed as well. Once you visit the House of Cards, you’ll know exactly what makes nightlife in Nashville so unique!

  1.  Nashville Palace

If you have always been a fan of the classic going-out scheme, then you will love this popular bar in Nashville, TN. It is an old-school place with a nightclub, a restaurant, and even a large dance floor, including free dance lessons. If you want to create a memorable night and make it count, then you should visit this post! You can find it just across the Gaylord Opryland Resort, where you’ll be greeted by good country music, line dancing, and so much more. Book Cocktail Cowboys to make the experience even more worthwhile! Our lovely Southern gentlemen will pull off a night you will never forget! 

* Also, a small note you should remember about the venue – tip the band when the hat gets passed around.

  1.  L.A. Jackson Bar

The nightlife in Nashville has set the bar high – and we’re talking literally! The L.A. Jackson Bar is one of the best rooftop bars you will find in the city. With the surge of skyscrapers, there has also been an explosion of rooftop bars. We chose this particular one not only because it is located at the Thompson Hotel with a view of The Gulch but also because of the amazing cocktails and crowd. When you want to go out, you don’t want to be surrounded by bachelorette parties and tourists. Well, you will get that elevated yet homey feeling here! Allow the Cocktail Cowboys to be the amateur photographers you need and take pictures of you while you enjoy your night to the fullest!

  1.  Layla’s Honky Tonk

The reputation of honky tonks has changed a lot over the years. From dive bars with questionable ratings, they have developed into some solid establishments. As one of the few left standing in Nashville, it still welcomes many visitors, especially because of its good music scene and inexpensive beer. Layla’s Honky Tonk is an excellent choice if you want to go out and have a nice time but still experience the casual side of nightlife in Nashville. The bar is located between Broadway and the Ryman (which backs up to the alley, actually), and there are a few others while you are there, too. 

*There is no cover charge, but the same tip applies here – leaving your tip for the band in the hat is always advisable.

  1.  Station Inn

Station Inn is undoubtedly one of the most popular bars in Nashville, TN. It has been open for almost half a century and is home to the best bluegrass music in the city (maybe even in the country). As much as the neighborhood around it changed over the years, this spot has stayed the same. The shows there are all first come, first served, and there is not one bad spot at the tables. If you are a musician in the audience, don’t be surprised if you get called up to the stage to join the band.

Nightlife in Austin

Now that you know the nightlife in Nashville, let’s take a change of scenery. The fun thing about Austin is that, no matter which part of the city you are in, you can always find something interesting nearby. There are many bars and incredible spots for you to discover, so if you are planning a night on the town, then take a peek at some of our suggestions below that pair perfectly with what we offer – you might find your next regular spot here!

  1.  Live Oak Brewery

This is not your typical microbrewery, yet it is an excellent alternative for anyone who wants to have a different experience and drink some fine beer. A large outdoor area with big oak trees in the middle creates the perfect setting. There is also space to sit indoors, giving you a comfortable vibe and an opportunity to visit with your friends.

  1.  Electric Shuffle

The Electric Shuffle is one of the best bars in Austin, TX. There are many nightlife spots in the city, but this one stands out from the crowd. Here, you can mingle, drink, eat, and enjoy a shuffleboard tournament. Whether you want to go there with your family or your friends, fun awaits. With many excellent games to choose from, private shuffleboard rooms, events, Happy Hour, and group packages, you are bound to have an excellent time there.

  1.  Sahara Lounge

Did you know this place is called the East Side Gem of Austin? After spending only one night there, you will realize why that is. One of the main reasons this is such a good pick for nightlife in Austin, TX, is the multicultural pot scene. Every night, there is a burst of positive energy, a consistently full dance floor, and drinks and food you should not miss out on. There are even a few pool tables in the front, usually surrounded by people who love to chat and have a good time. In this case, if you need help from experienced party game organizers, here we are! We can help you make the perfect night happen! This is more than just a place for you to go out. This is an entire experience!

  1.  Mort Subite

If you are ready for something to rock your world and challenge your taste buds, then you have definitely chosen the right bar in Austin, TX. Mort Subite is the only Belgian bar in the city and, as such, has many things to offer. Believe it or not, it is home to one of the best food trucks in the city. It is called Out of Nowhere, and it is located just a few blocks from the Capitol. Enjoy some wonderful beers from all parts of Belgium, which are served following the traditional norm. This is a unique experience that we even recommend you share with someone. Transport yourself and your company to a whole new level of magnificence. Get a taste of the magic and enjoy.

  1.  Sign Bar

This is probably both the strangest and the most amazing place you will ever come across. It is a mixture of all things in one. It’s like you are witnessing everything you know and everything you’ve seen in your life in one place. There are so many signs in this bar that when you look at it as a whole, you will realize that it is every human being’s life – shown in the form of signs! There are also a lot of places to sit and get a cute picture, especially with all the neon around.

From the interesting things this bar offers (among everything we’ve mentioned so far), there is a great food truck right out front, some pool tables, and a Genie Car Wash maze. Arm in arm with us, you will end up having a very eventful night. Sip on your favorite drink while you do all of this.

We hope you’ve enjoyed our selection of the best spots from nightlife in Nashville and Austin. Now, you just need to check them out in person! Of course, booking the Cocktail Cowboys is the best way to elevate the experience! We will help you have the most out of your adventure, regardless of whether it is a party, bachelorette, or simply a girl’s weekend getaway!

Before you go, make sure to read the rest of our blogs. You might even find even more interesting spots while browsing!